In the 30s, a small town in the Provence is losing its citizens because youths prefer to visit the city to find very easy jobs as well as escape from being farmers living in relative destitution. Just a couple of old individuals as well as the poacher Panturle stay. Panturle dreams of bringing the village back to life, finding a better half, founding a family members and also work as a farmer. Eventually, the town is checked out by a taking a trip knife-grinder, Urbain Gedemus and a young woman, Arsule. Gedemus deals with Arsule like a servant, but Arsule accept this since she has no place to go and also -we think- her 'work' with Gedemus is the last point that saves her from being a prostitute. When she meets Panturle and learns about his dreams, she leaves from Gedemus and chooses to stick with him. Together, they begin a brand-new life, made of difficult farming work but primarily of joy to have each other - meeting the earlier dreams of Panturle. Can anything damage the happiness of their new life?
Duration: 127 min
Country: France

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